I Will…

I will keep my trust with God
I will feel my way through this life
I will listen to my heart
I will hear the silent cries from my bones
I will feel the energy of my blood
I will honour its racing and the rushing that tells of danger, and I will love myself enough to be still for a moment and see what pain in me is being triggered, and needs to be seen
I will treasure the moments where peace flows through me
I will practice discernment
I will let the wind carry away my sorrow
I will let the rain cleanse me of misconceptions and judgements formed from an obscured view
I will let the sea teach me with her waves
I will let my soul fly with the falcons, sending piercing cries through the air
I will smile at the sky
I will thank the Sun for its warmth, and life giving energy, but also respect it can burn me should I spend too much time in its direct Light, and if I am burned and rendered motionless by my selfish desires, how will I ever tell of its beauty?
I will keep telling how the most beautiful sky shows require clouds
I will keep walking, however haltingly, however slowly, I will keep on
I will be unafraid to share the joy that I am blessed to experience
I will laugh loudly and clearly, and make no apology for it
I will cry, freely and without reservation, and let the voices that have no words be seen and heard in the salt water that flows from my eyes

I will honour the pain in me
I will honour the love in me
I will remember that all is Heart
I will practice Love
I will remember the Divine flows in and with and through me
I will remember the Divine flows in and with and through everything
I will remember the Divine is also the Nothingness, the seeming emptiness that is really teeming with so much Life that it would blind us if we could even begin to see the true Power of it, and so it veils itself in darkness and reveals itself piece by piece, so our eyes can adjust, and we do not lose our vision
I will hug like I mean it, because I do
I will tell people I love them, and that they are so, so, so enough
I will work on telling myself the same, and if I cannot do it, I will do my best to bypass my ears and open my heart so I can receive those sentiments from others
I will try to say thank you when someone compliments me, rather than negating it, and dishonouring the courage it takes to say something nice to someone
I will practice freedom
I will let go
I will surrender, and remember that the energy of surrendering is about as far removed from giving up as anything could possibly be… For from surrender, all things are possible
I will step beyond my pride and practice saying “I don’t know”
I will stop lying about even the little things, because if I do not know something, however seemingly unimportant it may be, I would rather give you the chance to explain it to me, and teach me about it, so I can know it. And even if I have no interest in it whatsoever, I have interest in you, and I have interest in the way it lights you up, so I want to know, or at the very least I want the pleasure of seeing you excited and on fire for something, whatever it may be
I will practice stillness, but will remember stillness does not have to involve staying in one position; stillness can be practised in motion too

I will allow myself to sleep enough hours each night so I can be at my best in the waking time
I will eat well
I will dare greatly as much as I can, and if one day I find I cannot, I will take a breath, and rest, and trust that tomorrow it may be different
I will strive to honour God, myself, others and this world in All that I do, not just the easy or obvious bits
I will take out the rubbish just before the choice is gone; before the moment where the bag is overflowing and the risk is high that the plastic will rupture and it will all fall out everywhere
I will do this as a show that I respect myself, and my environment
I will keep my home as I like it, whether that be clean and tidy, ordered chaos or somewhere in between
I will accept what others like may be different from me
I will remember neither is right or wrong, just different
I will focus on the fact that I am enough
I will practice what I preach
I will admit that I get really scared at times, and that I still hide under covers, and behind my eyes, praying someone sees me
I will tell my secrets, with discernment, to the people who have earned the right to hear them
I will not judge those who are lost, they are still walking
I will remember not all those who wander are lost
I will be of service where I can, without expectation
I will remember that but for the grace of God, there go I
I will remember death is my constant companion, but I will not fear her, instead I will let her remind me to live each moment
I will remember I am blessed
I will practice gratitude
I will keep my focus on the Here and Now
I will trust God
I will Love
I will Live

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