I, Am Not…

I, am not.
I, is not the issue.
I is just the meaningless name given to this piece of the ocean wrapped up in these tissues.
But I am not contained.
These lines marking my edges meet with my disdain for if I am the whole encapsulated in parts,
Then these lines do not inform my heart and my heart is not limited to the wanton beat,
My heart is the universal cosmic complete,
Married to the whole with no need to compete
For one is all, I am one and all else is deceit.
I deceive myself.
I fall for the lies,
Caught up in the illusion of distrust and despise
I abhor their cries,
The fear soaked stories sold for blood and for power
Yet still they cower
For the truth whispers to them in their sleep,
In the moments between where they hear their souls speak
It is dark inside, and She is stalking their dreams,
What they think that they are isn’t all that it seems
And She whispers, planting seeds in their blood, and as those seeds get louder they hear the beat thud, thud, thud,
Closer and closer they are stalked inside out,
As the wisdom of blood goes from whisper to shout,
And the voices of shadows become louder now,
Root to sun, sun to heart, heart to crown, voice and brow,
And “I” hears the crowd,
Beating inside of my veins,
Threatening to burst with the fight to contain
All the things I have been, all the things I have told,
As I fought with my insides to restrain and control,
For I am and you are and She is the He,
The Love of the broken lives free as the three,
The flow and the water the fire and the steam
The raw and the wild behind every scene,
The battle and the torment, the pains and the screams,
Come thundering forward as reality becomes dreams,
And dreams become falseness and what was not becomes true,
That power is inward and I am the you,
And you are the me and the we and the should
Marked out by the scales on the trials of wood
And burned though they were with the valiant hearts
The secrets were kept in the darkest of parts
In the membranes and cells and the substance and flow
In the tendrils and plain sight and tubules that glow
In the light between dark and the black between light
The wisdom still lives as the day becomes night
And night becomes day and all illusion is lost
No control, no order, at least not for the cost,
For money can’t buy the wisdom that flows
For it ebbs and it gushes and it waits and it grows
Just stop for a moment and feel with your breath
Can you feel the space between life and false death
The I that was given is not I that I am
The deeper the line cuts the longer I stand
The I that bursts open when surrender comes through
Is the I of the whole, of the God, of the You.
And so I is no matter, for matter is no I.
Arise from the stupor and stop asking why
The why and the how and the what and the when,
All obstruct the connection between the now and the then
And the now is the moment, the now is the real
The then is illusory, long lost to the feel
The feel is in now and the now is the time
To put oceans in drops and the drops are divine
Divine is the beating, divine is the field
Divine is the battle, divine is the yield
Divine is the Center, divine is the whole
Divine is my body and divine is my soul.

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