Bring me your rage.
Bring me your depravity.
Show me your lies, your deceit, the parts of you that you dare not enter.
Bring it all.
I want the secrets; the horrors; the traumas.
I want that which you don’t even want to acknowledge exists in you.
Bring it to the space.
And I will beat it out of you.
Every lie, every convulsion, every thrust, I will meet it with the pulse of the drum.
I will raise it.
I will taunt you with Her sound.
I will dare you to bring more.
Bring it all.
Every last piece.
Bring me the pain.
Bring me the sorrow.
Bring me the grief.
Bring me your screams of victory and of defeat.
Bring me your confusion.
Bring me your unwillingness and I will show you.
Let the rhythm take you.
Don’t even try to fight it: you will ALWAYS lose.
She beats with the Power of the Goddess, and nothing in you is bigger than that because She is it.
She is ALL.
Don’t try to pretend that you have anything I haven’t seen a thousand times before.
Don’t try and engage me in your incongruence.
Don’t even look to me.
Don’t use me as a distraction, or a life raft, or a point to hold onto.
I will drum you out even harder.
Be in it.
All of it.
Be with it.
FEEL it.
Face yourself.
I will make it impossible for you not to.
I will make you so uncomfortable that those screams will have no choice but to flow.
I will take you beyond the point of no return and keep going, because that’s where the fun is only just beginning.
You want to talk in big words, and of depth you can’t bring yourself to remember?
Then I will take you at your word and lead you into the depths.
Do you remember how to swim? How to flow? How to be?
Or will you keep fighting the current?
I will bring tsunami after tsunami interspersed with deathly silences that I hold just long enough for you to trust them before I take it up again and you are ravaged by the teeth of the rhythm.
Let it tear you apart.
Let it rip to pieces all you thought you knew.
Feel it.
FEEL it.
Flow. Dance. Scream. Shout. Pound. Wave. Pulse. Breathe. Move. Shake. Remember. Remember.
Remember what it is to beat, to pulse, to feel.
Remember what the drum says when She speaks.
Let Her show you the way Home.
Let Her smash all your illusions and leave you breathless, helpless, wanting, needing.
And let Her caress you with the silence.
With the sweetest of subtleties.
Feel the air still pulsing and pouring around you with the energy of Her voice.
Feel it settle into the deepest parts of you.
The hidden places.
The ones no one but She knows how to touch.
And She knows exactly how you need to feel Her.
With your defences gone, you cannot resist Her Love, and why would you want to?
It is the sweetest of nectars; the purest of honeys, the softest of sounds.
Let Her take you deep, deep, deep within Her.
Let Her take you over, and over, and over again.
Let Her love you further and further and further in.
All the way.
To the very heart of you.
And then,
Let Her beat with you: I am. I am. I am.

Bring me your gut wrenching desire for solace.
Bring me your need for silence
And your desperation for quietness.
Bring me your yearning for the earth.
Bring me your calling to the skies.
Bring me everything in between.
Let the softly pulsing beat remind you that you are Here.
Let the rhythm call you back Home.
To where you Are.
To Here.
To Now.
Let yourself be sung into synchronicity by the beat that never fails;
The beat that echoes the heart of All;
The beat of the Great Mystery and Great Spirit combined;
The beat of Home.
I hear the sorrow in your soul.
I feel the longing in your heart.
I know all that you desire.
And more.
Let it be.
Be here.
Feel here.
Connect here.
The beat is always in all ways and will never fail.
It is the heart of all.
Let your own pitiful, glorious warrioress of a heart be fuelled by that which never fails.
Let the power that pumps your blood be all you hear.
Hear the aliveness in you.
Hear the strength in you.
Hear the courage in you.
Hear the energy in you.
Hear the life in you.
Feel it.
Feel, even in the depths of your desperate clawings and clamourings on this earth, feel.
Feel the aching.
Feel the pain.
Feel the exhaustion.
Feel it all.
Let it remind you.
Let it teach you.
Let it guide you.
Let it be.

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