Come to the centre and flow with the heat,
The earthsong, the rhythm, the heart; beat on beat,
Come to the spiral, and ride on the waves,
Dervishly dancing through dark daylit days.
Come to the darkness, the sorrow, the fear,
Bring all the pieces you think you hold dear,
Come to the moonlight, the clearness, the loon,
Come to the sanity you’ll wish you’d lost soon,
Come to the endings, the loss and the pain,
Come to the startlines, the yets, the agains,
Come to the parting, the leaving, the edge,
Quiver and quake as you cling to the ledge,
Come to the falling, the rushing of air,
Come to the moment where you forget how to care
Come to the craving, the desperate, the clutch.
Come to the not enough, screaming, too much,
Come to the answers that don’t come in words,
Come to the sense in the silence you heard,
Come to the peacefulness made out of noise,
Come to the depravity captured in poise
Come to the freedom that isn’t how you expected,
Come to the mirror, see your beauty reflected,
Come to the surface, and break through and breathe,
Come to the underworld, feel all that you grieve,
Come to the sentiments lost in translation,
Come to the barbs of illusory elation,
Come to the things that you long to keep hidden
Come to the playful, the joy you’ve been bidden
Come to the willingness, the need, the desire,
Come to the water, air, earth, soul and fire,
Come to my shoulder and rest for awhile,
Come to my touch, to the look that beguiles,
Come to my openness, meet me in the field,
Come to my lockdown, trust me to yield
Come to surrender, and lay down your arms
Come to your knees, full of thought drenched alarms
Come to the Goddess, battered and bleeding,
Come to Her knowing, and wanting, and needing.
Come let Her lead you to the place you have lost,
That was forced down and stuffed, irrelevant of cost,
And the cost was not outward, it was of your own,
It was the fibres that tightened, and pulled on your bones,
The ratchets that slowly wound up and restricted,
The tiredness, pain, aches, all that’s afflicted
The pressure, the pulsing, the ticking inside,
Things you tried and tried harder that you thought had long died
Come home to your own self, stand true and well,
See the truth of the saying that heaven is hell
And hell is just heaven turned upside down,
The love’s still the same, just a different way round
There is nothing else, all is the One,
The trueness, the youness, to which we succumb,
Join with the Real, boom with the new,
That glitters and giggles with the Old shining through
Come to the centre, the temple, the Home
And laugh with relief that you’re never alone.
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